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FAQ's (Hand Towels)

What are Quick-Dry Hand Towels?

Quick-dry hand towels are a blend of recycled polyester and polyamide which makes them highly absorbent, lightweight, and soft. They will dry within an hour after their usage, making them ready for use again.

These high quality hand towels are ideal for guests or travel.

Features of Quick Dry Hand Towels

Quick-dry microfiber towels work so well because of the material used, the size, weight and dimension. Following are the features of quick-dry hand towels;

  • Material
  • If you look for the ideal fast-drying towel on online sites, the majority of the results recommend that luxury soft towels prepared from microfiber are a perfect choice. 

  • Weight
  • These are luxury and light microfiber bath towels.

  • Size or dimension
  • Usually, bulkier soft, absorbent hand towels take more time to dry than more miniature soft towels. Thus, quick-dry hand towels are often small in size. Consider there are sure to be large towels or even oversized ideal quality bathroom towels that dry quickly.

  • End Bacteria build up
  • Bacteria builds when moisture is left to sit and grow. Because our towels dry more quickly, they will not accumulate bacteria like a cotton towel can. There is no additional anti-microbial treatment. It is the function of how this towel's fiber work. 

    How to Wash Quick Dry Hand Towels

    You can machine wash in cold or warm water with like colors. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Tubmle dry low. Wash your quick-dry hand towels in water with the use of an ultrasonic clothes washer. It aids in keeping the authentic towel’s colors, prevents shrinkage at the seams, and functions in removing some stains.

    Buy high-quality towels from us. We guarantee your satisfaction. 

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