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FAQ's (Reusable Napkins)

What are Reusable Napkins?

Do you know the benefits of using reusable napkins? If not then you are in the right place. Here we will tell you about the importance of having these napkins in your home.

Reusable napkins are reliable zero-waste swaps to prepare in your place! The thought of additional laundry, storage, and stain removal are perfect for making many people hesitate.

The Best Everyday Reusable Napkins

  • Dark Colored Napkins
  • These are available in darker colors or patterns. The dark-colored napkins are perfect for keeping clean. Dark-colored reusable napkins are perfect for daily usage plus for use at dinner parties where you are serving food that stains readily, like ketchup, sauces or soups. So, for these reasons, you are going to love these napkins.

  • Colorful Napkins
  • Various colored reusable napkins are also suitable for use. These multi colors will aid in disguising stains more than a usual pattern napkin. You will love the idea of having these napkins for casual parties or summer gatherings where sauces, ketchup, or other such things will be served.

  • Striped Napkins
  • The striped napkins are one of our favorite patterns for use. If they got stained, the benefit would be that these stains would not be so clear as they would be on solid-colored napkins. If you see any stain on them, then remove these stains by using our tips.

  • Dish Towels Used as Napkins
  • You need to purchase lots of dish towels, and they can double as your everyday napkins. If you are beginning to experiment with paper products in the kitchen, dish towels will be your perfect investment. Put them on your shoulders while working in the kitchen, then adjust the table with a few more for lunch. If these reusable napkins get dirty, you can soak them with some products like OxiClean before laundering.

    Reusable Napkins Stain Removal Techniques

    If your napkins are stained after use, do not worry; follow some tips to get rid of these pesky stains.

    First, fill your bucket with warm or cool water (depending on the color of the napkins) and add the laundry detergent or cleaning powder to the water. Then add the stained napkins. Allow these stained napkins to soak for 20 minutes to an hour or so. You can do other tasks while soaking your dirty napkins in the liquid. Once done pre-soaking, put these napkins into the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. 

    You can also pre-treat stains with a store-bought spray (we would not use the stick). Check the napkins before drying to make sure the stains have been released. If not, treat again and wash. 

    You can either air-dry or tumble dry low. 

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