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How We Make Our Towels From BOTTLES

Seems impossible - but each of our towels are made from recycled bottles.

By using a certified process to transform pellets into the towel yarns, we ensure transparency in production. We are proud to make sustainability a bit easier and joyful.


Post-Consumer Materials (in this case water bottles) are pulverized and made into a pellet.

The Recycled pellets are melted and extruded through tiny holes called spinnerets to form long threads, which are then cooled to harden into a fiber. This process is called melt spinning. The shape and qualtity of holes can be altered to create fibers with different qualities.

Our fibers are made with a unique shape that that act as tiny squeegees, pickup up surface particles with amazing precision.

By finding products that work better than paper towels and paper napkins, you will WANT to use less paper.

We suggest placing your paper towels under your sink and paper napkins in a drawer. Keep our Mighty Mini's and Biggie products out in baskets. Easy to reach or near your dining area.

Small changes make a big difference.

Machine wash with a mdild Detergent, cold or warm with like colors and towels. Tumble dry low. No bleach. No fabric softener.

Washing only with other Once Again Home Co. towels is the most ideal option.

There are many types of detergent in the market. Consider switching to an earth friendly option as they clean well like Esos. Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets.

We recommend pre-wash or soaking if the towel has been stained.

An Enzyme wash is also a great alternative for the towels instead of bleach.

We have used products by BioKleen to be a great option.

Everyday Tasks Can Be JOYFUL

Just Like You, Anywhere Towels Are Multi-Purpose & Ready To Work. Our Largest Towel Measures In At 18"x 30" (Now That's Oversized!)

☑️ Anywhere

☑️ Anyplace

☑️ Anytime

easy care towels for the entire home: Kitchen, Bath, Workout
easy care towels for the entire home: Kitchen, Bath, Workout
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