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7 Trends to Watch for a Clean, Healthy, Sustainable Home

✨We are so excited to be part of "7 trends towatchfromtheInspired Home Show" from Wholefoods Magazine.


What Whole Foods Magazine Says About Once Again Home

Once Again Home Co. is a sustainable home textile company. While other countries use mops, brooms, sponges, etc., Americans primarily use disposable options when it comes to cleaning. Once Again Home Co. has the solution with their reusable towels, blankets, napkins and more that can be reused through the day then put in the laundry to keep using in the future.

Other Article Highlights on Sustainability

The article highlights various consumer home and houseware product trends observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. With people spending more time at home, there has been an increase in upgrading household items such as Dutch ovens, air fryers, and pots & pans. Companies have also focused on introducing innovative and sustainable products. Some of the trends identified at the 2022 Inspired Home Show in Chicago include:


  1. Sustainability Throughout the Home
  2. AI Master Chef's
  3. Innovating Industries
  4. Detail on Design 
  5. Clean & Contained Trends
  6. Useful Gadgets for the Home
  7. Hostess Must-haves


These trends will continue as social gatherings and celebrations resume. More trends will surely show up at the next Inspired Home Show in 2023!


Originally Posted: May 2022
Updated: June 2023