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Best Practices - What is the best way to wash my Once Again Home Co. towels?

Looking for a quick guide to washing our microfiber towels? Look no further. Below can be used on any of our Tea Towels, Counter Cleaners, Reusable Napkins, Sand Free Beach Towels and Sand Free Beach Blankets.

When the towels are soiled, we suggest pre-soaking with or without detergent. We find this to be the best step to keeping your towels spot free. You can use a spot remover but do not use bleach and do not wash in hot water.

Our towels perform best when washed together (or other microfiber towels)with similar colors. You can use cold or warm depending the the color. We use an all natural detergent like Biokleen or Ecos The biggest surprise to most is that you don't need to use a lot of detergent. Just a small amount works well and helps to keep the towels from build up.

When time to dry. You can hang to air dry or place in the dryer to tumble dry low (they don't need a lot of heat to dry and high heat is not best for this towel). Do not include a dryer sheet. All natural dryer balls do well!

Please contact us with any other questions. We are here to support you to "break the paper habit"!

The Team at Once Again Home Co.