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Reusable Napkins - why bother?

It's hard to make changes in our routines. That is one of the main reasons we are so proud of our products. They make changing easy. One of the best changes we have made as a family the past 2 years was switching out our paper napkin habit for cloth. As someone that has used almost every type of cloth napkin on the market, I was defeated. They look so pretty in the store but once I went to use:

  • No absorbency
  • Felt stiff and uncomfortable
  • Was a wrinkled mess after I washed
  • Concern about even the littlest of stains

When I took our Mighty Mini to use as a napkin, I was thrilled. Soft, wrinkle free, easy to care for. They were perfect for everyday lunch and snacks. We used them at the kitchen table and also on the sofa. But they didn't feel "adult" enough for when we have guests over for dinner. That is why we added the BIGGIE towel. It is 18"x18" (our mini's are 13"x13"). It is the perfect size to fit on your lap and makes takeout feel a bit more joyful. 

Here are the facts:

  • You save money by using cloth napkins (around $50/per person per year)
  • You save trees by using cloth napkins
  • With our Biggie Napkins - you are using post consumer materials as well (double check ☑️☑️)

Most of all, it's an easy switch if you use something that looks great wash after wash. Try our Mighty Mini's or Biggie's today - we promise this change will not be painful.