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Reusable Napkins - why bother?

Changing our daily routines can be challenging, but we believe in making it easy for you. We've made a simple switch that can save you money and help the environment: swapping out paper napkins for reusable cloth ones.

If you're like us, you may have tried several types of cloth napkins that look great in the store but fall short in performance. That's where our Mighty Mini and Biggie napkins come in. They're soft, wrinkle-free, and easy to care for. Our Mighty Mini is perfect for everyday use, while our Biggie Napkins make takeout feel a bit more special.

Did you know that the average person uses over 2,200 paper napkins per year? That's a lot of trees! By using cloth napkins, you not only save money (around $50 per person per year), but you also reduce waste and help the planet.

Our napkins are made from post-consumer materials, so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, they're durable and look great wash after wash. Try our Mighty Mini or Biggie napkins today and see how easy it is to make a small change with a big impact.