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Sustainable efforts #1: Reusing Cardboard Cartons

Sustainability. It's a word that can be overused and often added without full transparency. In this next series of blogs, we will address all of our efforts to ensure sustainability as we develop, ship, sell, and manufacture our products. It is important to you and essential to us.

The home textile market has become increasingly more aware of addressing the global need to address sustainability. It has taken a long time, and honestly, they are behind apparel manufacturers (as always). There are many ways to address sustainability and still have products that work well for your home.

Ways to Reuse Cardboard Cartons for Businesses

Most of our factory partners use recycled cardboard in their cartons, not because it is "the right thing to do." But instead, because it is the most economical material in their respective country. For the most part, the US is the only country still using virgin materials in cardboard. So the good news for us - we don't even have to implement a policy here. It's already been done and done well.

Forego Fancy Custom Packaging & Reuse What You Have

So what can we do? We have been thinking of the balance in the US using recycled materials and the fact that they cost more. Our solution: reuse cartons that are used from shipping to us from the factory (which does happen naturally when an independent retailer orders an entire carton of product from us), but what about the customers' orders that don't fit precisely into the cartons we have? Shipping a carton larger than what is inside is also a waste of fuel and energy.

Once Again Home Employee's Reuse Packages from Home

Our solution - reusing cartons from our employee's homes and other local businesses. We have been doing this for years with our Business to Business sampling needs - why not here as well? We are all tired of the stack of Amazon, Wayfair, and other random boxes that are left after a purchase. Try to reuse these as often as possible. Ask around; there may be other businesses looking for used (but clean and in shape) boxes... here's an example of a shipment that left just last week.

Sustainability Life Hack

More Tips & Tricks for Sustainable Living

In our next step, we will add a sticker to the outside calling out these efforts and letting people know it really is from us. Not many people expect to see a sump pump box full of amazing products 🤣
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Originally Posted: April 2021
Updated: June 2023