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Trending: Hair Towel Wraps

Hair Towels are not just the latest Tik Tok must-have. They support the latest trend in hair care and sustainability.

To keep your hair healthy, use less heat as it damages hair. Also, it's great to have other tools that give your hair some body (can't tell you the number of people who see a little wave from the wrap). By switching to a Hair Towel Wrap, you can ditch the blow dryer and all the energy that it sucks up each day. It's a win-win.

Five Star Style:

When designing our hair towel, the main complaint we heard was that the towel wrap they bought wasn't big enough or absorbent enough. We know that it is so important for an item to work well to make it into a new habit. We added "width" to our towel to make sure that longer hair would be accommodated. We also tested on those with large head dimensions (like me!) to make sure that it would stay on.

But what do you do with this odd-looking thing?

It does take a few tries, in the beginning, to get it to work. We have a few sketches and gifs below to help. The best tip: make sure you bend over with your head and hair directed towards the floor. This makes it easy to grab all your hair and "stuff" into your wrap. Once in the wrap, start twisting while still bent over. When you have the wrap fully twisted, stand up and connect the loop to the button that is located at the back of your head (at the very bottom edge of your wrap). Voila! You are a superstar.

We've heard a lot of fun things to do while sporting your hair towel: applying makeup, taking a bath, eating breakfast, picking out your clothes for the day, starting your workday (that's my favorite) and so many more. The hair towel wrap also works well at night also. So many college-aged kids love to shower at night (to avoid the rush and early mornings) and go to sleep with their Hair Towel Wrap on. Multi-Tasking! So smart.

Once done, hang to dry and use again the next day. It stays fresh so you won't have to wash it often (again sustainable!). By using a hair towel, you'll save time, energy, and money on hair drying, and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Hair Towel Directions