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How are bottles made into towels?

how bottles are made into towels

Through our friends at Global Recycled Standard, we are able to secure pellets made from post-consumer bottles. The pellets are mixed with Polyamide pellets. Together they are heated and extruded into a very fine yarn. These thin and durable yarns are then woven into our Once Again Home Co waffle weave. 

The bottles become polyester and supply durability, quick dry, and stay-fresh features. Polyamide provides absorbency. Together they are the perfect marriage for the BEST towel on the PLANET!


Did you know? 

Each pound of recycled polyester produced SAVES

 - 50lbs of Water

 - 4lbs of Steam

 - 3.5 lbs of Energy Consumption

 - up to 60% of CO2 Emissions